Reftagger Shortcode creates a button in the TinyMCE visual editor in WordPress allowing you to easily add semantic Bible markup.

The Reftagger plug-in is a great plug-in except when it comes to finding verses that are by themselves in text.

I created this plug-in our of my own necessity. Often when creating a sermon page for my church’s website I would have something similar to the following scenario:

2 Corinthians 5:1-8
Our Destination – What we know (v.1)

Reftagger plug-in doesn’t know that “v.1” was supposed to be verse 1 from 2 Corinthians 5:1-8 that was mentioned earlier in the text.

That’s where this shortcode comes in. Simply highlight the “v.1” text in the visual editor and click the reftagger button.

The shortcode is then placed in the main edit window as [reftagger title=””]v.1[/reftagger] and all you need to do is add “2 Corinthians 5:1” to the title attribute. The rest is handled by the plug-in, it will render the code in semantic Bible markup on the front end.

If you have the Reftagger Bible reference plug-in active it identifies references to the Bible verses and turns the references into links to the verse on

For more information on the Reftagger Bible reference plug-in, visit


You can download the latest release of the Reftagger Shortcode directly from the website. Simply click the button below to go directly to the website.

Visit Website


  • The plugin will begin working immediately when you activate it on the ‘Plugins’ page.
  • You will get a notification if you do not have the “Reftagger” plugin active. You can dismiss the notification if you wish.
  • Go to your post or page edit screen and you will see a new icon in the visual editor.
  • Simply click the icon to place the shortcode in your main edit window at the location of your cursor.
  • You can also highlight text in the edit window and click the button to have the shortcode wrap around your highlighted text.


  • Reftagger Shortcode - Screenshot 1
  • Reftagger Shortcode - Screenshot 2
  • Reftagger Shortcode - Screenshot 3
  • Reftagger Shortcode - Screenshot 4